WILLO Studio created the logo title design package for the YouTube channel IUTV, owned by the renowned South Korean singer and actress IU.


IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun, debuted in 2008 and has since become one of South Korea's most beloved singers and actresses. IUTV is a YouTube channel that showcases IU's daily life, music, and various activities, bringing her closer to her fans. With over 10 million subscribers, this channel enjoys significant popularity

Design Package Tone & Manner

The design reflects a cute, quirky, and artistically inspiring mood. We choose rough and freehand doodle style, incorporating the unfinished look that IU loves. Using pastel tones of violet and fresh green, set against a white background symbolizing limitless possibilities.

Logo Design

The logo embraces an analog mood with natural shapes that appear doodled and unstructured. The lettering features soft, pleasing forms, incorporating retro TV objects and dandelion seeds, inspired by IU's recent song title "Dandelion." These elements were added at the client's request to reflect IU's unique and nostalgic style.


The title story reflects IU's unpredictable and adorable personality, capturing playful interactions with her fans. This narrative effectively conveys IU's unique charm to the viewers.

Animation on Process


[이담 ENT] IUTV Title PKG

On Air : Youtube, 2024
Client : Edam Entertainment 
Project Manager : Hyo Jeong Yoon

Production : Willo
Creative Director : Jisun Kim 
Supervisor : Heejin Choi 
Project Manager : Jisun Kim

[Logo Design] 
Design : Saemi Park
Draft Design : Saemi Park, Jisun Kim

Lead Illustration : Jisun Kim
Style Frames, Animation : Jisun Kim, Saemi Park

[Transition 1,2]
Design, Animation : Saemi Park

The IUTV logo title received an enthusiastic response from IU's fans and is well-loved for its fitting design that matches the channel's unique vibe. WILLO Studio's creative approach and meticulous work helped establish IUTV's visual identity. We are pleased to report that the title package garnered a very positive reaction immediately upon release.

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