Hosted by Kim Chang-ok, this lecture show on tvN presents a variety of talks centered around the theme of 'communication'!

WILLO has produced the opening title for the content [Kim Chang-ok Show 2], which encompasses the intense deliberation and conflict within a broader range of relationships.

tvN에서 선보이는  '소통’을 주제로 다양한 강연을 선보이는 호스트 김창옥의 강연쇼!
WILLO에서는 더 폭넓은 관계에서의 치열한 고민과 갈등을 아우를 콘텐츠 [김창옥쇼2]의 오프닝 타이틀을 제작하였습니다.
This title, made with collage, was planned around keywords such as relationships, overcoming conflict, communication, and various stories.

꼴라주를 활용한 이번 타이틀은 관계, 갈등 극복, 소통, 다양한 사연 등을 키워드로 기획되었습니다.
Kim Chang-Ok Show 2 Title

[tvN] Kim Chang-ok Show2 Title Design

On Air : tvN, 2024
Client : tvN
Project Manager : Seo-Kyoung Kim
Logo Design : tvN

Production : Willo
Creative Director : Jisun Kim
Supervisor : Heejin Choi 
Project Manager : Heejin Choi
Style Frames : Sook young Ahn 
Animation : Sook young Ahn 

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