Welcome to Fairy Town! 
The magical land of dreams and hope in Everland's spring festival!

We wanted to convey a story about people spending a fantastic and happy time on a journey to Fairy Town with the fairies who create happiness.
The main character takes the subway home at sunset, tired from her routine day. However, when she receives an invitation from the fairies, she embarks on an adventure to a fantastic world, leaving her mundane life behind. Through her time in Fairy Town, she gains happiness, and the town becomes even more lively with her energy.

Although she eventually returns to reality, she now finishes her day happily, reminiscing about her moments in Fairy Town.

And then, another girl discovers the invitation...
[EVERLAND] Fairy Town (에버랜드 - 페어리타운)

Release : EVERLAND(Four Seasons Garden), 2023
Project Manager : Dong Hyeok Seo / Yoon Gyung Lee

Production : Willo
Creative Director : Jisun Kim
Supervisor : Heejin Choi
Project Manager : Heejin Choi
Design Planning : Heejin Choi, SaeMi Park
Illustration : Heejin Choi, SaeMi Park
Animation : Heejin Choi, Saemi Park, Jisun Kim, SookYoung Ahn
Sound Designer : ChangGyu Choi

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