WILLO Studio created the content branding and title design package for the observational variety show "Actors," which aired on JTBC starting January 2024."Actors" is a unique observational variety show that captures the candid and unscripted moments of Korean actors. The show aims to present both the seriousness of their work and the light-hearted aspects of their daily lives, offering a contrasting yet engaging viewing experience.


Inspired by film and shooting props, the logo design captures the glamour of the stars. The lettering was intentionally designed to have a cinematic feel, with precise, bold shapes.

Tone and Mood

The overall tone and manner reflect the seriousness of the actors' work and the substantial mood of cinema, reinterpreted through the streamlined and cohesive points of 1920s-30s Art Deco in a modern, simplistic illustration style. Deep purple and yellow were chosen as the key colors and applied throughout the entire package.


The sequence contrasts the glamorous, fast-paced scenes of actors on set with the relaxed, everyday conversations, creating a balanced portrayal. We juxtaposes the glamorous scenes of actors on set with the comfortable and ordinary atmosphere of their daily lives.

Title style frmaes

To maintain an elegant yet comfortable mood, Art Deco style was modernized into illustrations. The attention-grabbing colors of deep purple and yellow were used dynamically in the intense opening scenes and more relaxed in the everyday scenes.

Fast-paced and fun movements were used in the logo animation to bring the show's lively atmosphere to life.

The smooth animations, seamless cuts, and interesting scene compositions added overall vibrancy to the show.

Final Works


We are pleasant to watch that "Actors" deliver heartfelt and authentic portrayal of actors' lives. WILLO Studio's creative designs and meticulous work significantly enhanced the overall viewing experience, making the program visually appealing and emotionally engaging.

Thank you for watching ;-)

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