WILLO Studio collaborated with CJ ENM, a leading media conglomerate in South Korea, to create a cohesive and dynamic network design package for their TV channels, including tvN, Mnet, and ch CGV. The goal was to unify the visual identity of their diverse content across domestic and international platforms.

Project Overview

CJ ENM owns and operates several influential TV channels as a pioneer of K-content, delivering unique and challenging values. To ensure a consistent and engaging look for their content across various platforms, CJ ENM commissioned us to develop a comprehensive channel network design package.


visual Keywords​​​​​​​
: The process of exploring and uncovering new content.

: Conveying the dynamic nature of discovering and transforming new stories.

: Energetic and vibrant movements and transitions.

Dynamic Glyph
The "Dynamic Glyph" design concept features dynamically changing glyphs that explore and discover interesting content. This concept guided the development of the ID story flow and key visuals. We organized the provided graphic glyphs into nine shapes that embody the themes of novelty, boldness, and enjoyment. These elements serve as foundational units for network design components like Next bumpers, graphic overlays, and IDs. The consistent use of orange tones reinforces the brand's identity.

Design Method
: Utilized sharp edge forms derived from the design attributes of the glyph.
The glyph transitions from sharp and linear to smooth and rounded shapes, conveying a sense of tension and fluid movement.

: Employed the concept of elements colliding and exploding, expanding graphics and creating new shapes.
Diverse elements interact and transform, producing a dynamic visual impact.

Space Transition
: Implemented rapid spatial transitions that twist and pull the viewer through infinite spaces.
The glyph explores various spaces, providing viewers with a constantly changing visual experience.


We arranged design assets with balanced edge shapes and texture to enhance the channel's visual identity. Developed graphic overs (moving bugs, lower bars, and countdown) for live-action footage and design assets such as glyph variations and countdown designs to ensure visual consistency. ​​​​​​​


Dynamic glyphs appear and captivate the viewer's attention. Thirsty for novelty, they embark on an endless adventure to find new content. The glyphs rapidly change and interact, grabbing the audience's attention.​​​​​​​

NEXT Bumper

Dynamic glyphs collide and transform, previewing the next content. Designed with variations to suit seasonal and weather-related themes.


Release : CJ ENM, 2024
Client : CJ ENM
Project Manager : Yuna Im

Production : Willo
Creative Director : Jisun Kim
Design Planning : Jisun Kim, Saemi Park, SookYoung Ahn
Main ID : Jisun Kim, Saemi Park, SookYoung Ahn
Next : Saemi Park
Countdown Design : Jisun Kim, Saemi Park
Countdown Animation : SookYoung Ahn
Element Design : Jisun Kim, Saemi Park

Sound Designer : Chang-gyu Choi

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