WILLO Studio collaborated with AOMG to create the logo title package for the trendy and youthful talk show "Yomozomo," hosted by rapper Woo Won-jae. The show aired on YouTube from 2022 to 2023.

"Yomozomo" is a talk show hosted by rapper Woo Won-jae, whose quirky and pure personality contrasts with his deep and dark musical world. This unique charm appealed to fans and the general public alike. WILLO Studio was responsible for the logo and title package design for this program.


We actively used bright tones of purple and green throughout the design.

logo design

We incorporated the hip outfit of Woo Won-jae, often seen wearing a beanie, and his creative working world into character designs for the logo and title.


Special attention was given to character design, as capturing Woo Won-jae's unique atmosphere within a short duration was essential. The characters highlight the contrast between Woo Won-jae's taciturn and calm nature and the playful, energetic interactions with his ENFP-type guests. This approach effectively conveys the show's distinctive vibe.

title Conti

The short story of the title centers around exploring Woo Won-jae's inspirational and unique world, incorporating fantasy elements into the character design.​​​​​​​

style frames

Package elements


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