In celebration of BTS's 10th anniversary, the 'BTS 10th Anniversary Festa' was held in Yeouido, Seoul in June 2023.

WILLO participated in this significant event by planning and producing media facade videos. BTS PRESENTS EVERYWHERE’ is a slogan with the ambiguous meaning of “BTS’ gifts are prepared everywhere” and “BTS exists everywhere.”​​​​​​​
The graphic design for this project was created by the hottest graphic studio MHTL. ​​​​​​​WILLO was responsible for the video's composition, conti, solutions, and motion graphics.
Animation in progress
It showcases the process of video storyboarding, animatics, and cell animation testing. Communicating through animation test videos during the intermediate stages can reduce inefficient revision processes.​​​​​​​
Enjoy the video!
The video's content is structured around BTS celebrating their 10th anniversary by utilizing symbolic motifs for both BTS and their ARMY fans.

"When we're together, even a desert becomes an ocean. In that ocean, a whale gracefully swims, conveying love, and the ARMY Night flowers bloom in celebration of that love. The countless lights explode into a breathtaking climax..."

The climax section symbolizes the celebration of the 10th anniversary and serves as the grand finale of the event, featuring a Yeouido fireworks display, which represents the culmination of the festivities.
On-Site Video
The following video is a real-life depiction of a surprise that BTS PRESENTS EVERYWHERE, like a PRESENT. 
Experience the overwhelming emotions of BTS 10th anniversary together.
While supporting BTS's Part Two,
The year 2025 when they will return, 기다려 기다려!


/ Media Facade 
Project Manager: Junhee Sim, Jungeun Hur

Design Studio : MHTL
Art Director : Mat-kkal, Lucky Park
Designer : Sina Kim

Motion Graphic Production : Willo
Creative Director : Jisun Kim 
Supervisor : Heejin Choi 
Project Manager : Heejin Choi 
Storyboard, Composition, Variation by media : Heejin Choi 
Animation : SookYoung Ahn, Heejin Choi, Jisun Kim, SaeMi Park 
Cell Animation : 
# 1.Clouds coming out - SaeMi Park
# 3.Whale cloud ~ # 4.Heart cloud - SookYoung Ahn
# 1.Untie the ribbon / # 7.Fireworks - Jisun Kim

ⓒ 2023 BIGHIT MUSIC & HYBE. All Rights Reserved.

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